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another thing i decided 2 make 4 my frinds b-day by Nadeeta
another thing i decided 2 make 4 my frinds b-day
there is another pic like this on my profile,but i decided 2 make her another 1 4 this b-day
Aradia: Zer0 is a friend 0f ours...she usually does Errands for us... *a random PDA goes off*
Sollux: what wa2 that...?
Rick: *shrugs*beats me,sounded like a pager,or pda type thing going off....
*a PDA hits Sollux on the head, followed by a heavy thing falling  near where Rick is standing*
???: ...aaaAAAAAAAAAHHH! *thud* oww...
*rick looks at the person in confusion*who r u? *he picks up the heavy object on the ground,and says*wat is this? *he then says 2 sollux*sollux,check out the pda
Sollux: Waiit... 2o thiii2 ii2 the John per2on you were talkiing two me about?
Karkat: YES!
Rick: *he looks confused*eggderp?and who’s john?
Sollux: That’2 true
Rick: wait,how is ur human friend here?i mean i thought that lord english guys was only sending trolls...and y is there a human in a world with trolls? R there both humans and trolls in ur world,or?
*Matt snatches Rick away before things get too complex*
Matt: I-I think that would be enough for now...
Rick: enough of wat?i was just talkin 2 sollux and the others. Besides its dangerous 2 b away from tails,sonic,and the rest of the group,lets go back.however,b4 we do *shows hi the heavy object from b4*do u by chance know wat this is?
Matt: ummm.... *teleports himself and Rick away* that’s why we need to be away from them, because what you have there is harmful to them...
Rick:where did u teleport us 2?and harmful 2 wat,trolls,or hedgehogs? Or both? And wat is this item anyways,and how is it harmful?
Matt: to everyone, Rick, and where we are is a forest where that thing belongs. It is a Killing Device it acts as a mysterious blade.
Rick:  *he nods*alrite then *he sets the stone down on the ground*alrite,lets go back 2 the others.we still need 2 figure out wat that pda is that was thrown at sollux earlier..maybe its a clue on where zero is,and/or wats goin on....
Zero: Or you COULD ask me since I was on my way to meet up with you guys again anyway...
Rick:i’m glad ur alrite,but if ur ok,i wonder wats on that pda that was thrown at sollux earlier
Zero: That PDA belongs to one of eight of our human friends. His name is John Eggbert. That is his dads’ PDA and he uses it for communication with his three friends.
Rick:so who threw it?and how did that person know john was even here?
Zero: No one threw it, it just fell onto Solluxs’ head, particularly his right pair of horns would’ve broken it had it fallen when Sollux was in Alternian form. And They know John from a game they were playing together before this happened.
Rick:*nods*alrite then. So,lets go back 2 the others,and let them know ur ok,and so we can teleport back 2 our own planet/universe,and maybe i can help the trolls and john go back 2 their home,as long as they tell me the name of their planet and where they live and all...
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
Zero: True, but some of them are apart of the Saiyan Army and they can tell when someone else is there...
Rick: still,thats a iil risky 2 try and do that..there has 2 b another way inside...
Zero: I know, but we have to...
Rick:  well,i guess just b safe...i guess i and the others will wait here,while u do ur thing...but like i said b careful,and keep ur guard up..
Zero:  Trust in me, I’ll make it through. *she teleports away*
Rick: *rick and the others stay behind,and they wait 4 zero 2 return*
*Rick thinks 2 himself*i hope she’ll b alrite
*A figure pops out of the Shadows*
???:  Where the Hell am I? *looks around
Rick: *rick looks at the figure confused and goes over 2 matthew and says 2 the figure*who r u and y r u here?
???:  Wha-Oh, Hello there, umm... *he dashes away, obviously afraid of the newer beings*
Rick: *looks confused and says 2 matthew*do u by chance know who that guy was,or wat it it was,he was after?
Matt:  No... In fact I haven’t seen anything like him before...
Rick: *he nods* i see
*he looks at the others that also came with them and says*do u guys by chance know who this person was?
sonic: umm... Oh yeah! I know of him... I think... His name is Zekoro... Right?
Rick: *rick nods* i,uh,who is zekoro ,anyways?
Sonic: I don’t really know... umm... I do know that he has a username of sorts...
Tails: Zekoro Hydrus, he goes by his username InternallyShyChild on a program called Trollian... He’s hacked some games I have played before, that’s how I know him...
Sonic: Leave it to Tails to know what he’s doing~!
Rick: *he nods*i y would some hacker come into this world,and how?can he teleport like i can or? And if he is just a hacker,wat is his purpose with other sayins...?
Amy: He’s not a Hacker, he’s a programmer, he just happened to accidentally Hack one of Tails’ Games while programming a game of his own. Cream knows him more than me, because he landed in our world one time.
Rick: ok then,but still,wat is his purpose being here? And like i said how did he get here,can he also teleport like i can,or does he know people who can teleport?
*Zekoro Interrupts his train of thought*
Zekoro: I don’t know HOW I got here... I can’t teleport or anything...
Rick: i thought u ran off?y r u back here? And that’s strange...i wonder how u got here then since u can’t teleport,and all...
Zekoro: I keep getting teleported back here for some reason...
Rick:that’s....weird...i wonder wats goin on
Zekoro: *a light surrounds him and yet another troll appears, this one has bi-colored glasses* Oh, Hi Sollux~!
Sollux: Oh, Hii there IiC.
Rick: who’s liC? And who r u,and y r u here?
Sollux: Ii am 2ollux Captor, and IiC i2 Zekoro here~ *he points to Zekoro*
Zekoro: He refers people by their username abbreviations.  
Rick: *he nods* i um y does he talk like that? And y r there 2 of u here,now?i mean can ur friend there *points 2 sollux* know teleportation,or wats goin on?
Zekoro: It’s his natural Speech pattern.
Sollux: I can fly, but Ii can’t Teleport. Ii Do, however know what’2 goiing on. *he points upwards* apparently 2omeone opened a portal two diifferent world2 and we ended up here.
Rick: so y is ur natural speech pattern,like that? And do u kow who opened up the 2 diff portals,and if so do u by chance know y they r doing this?
Sollux: Iit’2 a natural li2p. Anyway, Ii Beliieve that a Moiiraiil of mine can explaiin. *sure enough, yet another, less alive-looking troll appears*
???: Am I a bit late, S0llux? 0r has this turned int0 a disaster?
Sollux: Ah, Not you two, Aradiia, Ii wa2n’t expecting the portal to 2uck u2 iin one by one...
Rick: *rick  nods*oh i um,about the portals..can u plz explain the situation and wats goin on
Aradia: It w0uld seem L0rd English has 0pened multiple P0rtals, I d0 n0t kn0w why th0ugh...
Sollux: Waiit... Lord English opened the portal?! *he looks confused at his Love*
Rick: uh,y do u talk like that?*he refers 2 aradia* and who is lord english? *he refers 2 sollux*
Aradia: It suprises me that y0u can even see me, M0rtal, for I am, what y0u w0uld call, a gh0st.
Sollux: Lord Engliish ii2 an eviil beiing whom wiill kiill you iif you are not careful.
Rick: u never told me y u talk like that. And i’m not mortal,if i was how would i b here?this isn’t earth....however i’m not sure if the others can see u *gestures 2 matthe,sonic,tails,and the others*
Aradia: because I’m dead. And I am surprised y0u are n0t m0rtal...
Matt and the others: We can see her, Rick.
Sollux: Well Ii wonder iif KK i2 the nex-*he is interrupted*
*Yet a few more trolls are teleported into this place*
Troll 2: I Believe We Are... On Another Planet...
Troll 3: Well... So long as we’re together, nothing bad should happen, right? :33
Rick: so u talk like that,cuz u r dead? *he is referring 2 aradia again*
*he then says 2 sollux*who is KK? Also....who r they...? *points 2 the other 3 trolls*
Sollux: *points to them as he says their names* Thii2 one ii2 Karkat, the more Artiiculate one ii2 Kanaya, and the hyperactiive one ii2 Nepeta
Rick:*he nods*i  um...y is this lord english dude...sending trolls 2 this world?i mean does this person not realize that random trolls appearing out of nowhere is dangerous 4 the trolls themselves and ur own world/universe...
Kanaya: I Can Explain. Lord English Is Not A Good Person, And We Have Defeated Him on Multipl-*Karkat interrupts*
Nepeta: :33< Karkitty, be nice!
Rick:i already know he isn’t a good guy,ur friends here already explained this....and isn’t king english from ur world,or does he go 2 diff universes/worlds and fight diff creatures/beings?
Kanaya: He’s Usually This Ornery. Please Forgive Him...
Rick: *rick rolls his eyes and facepalms*oh great,another no-it-all,jackass.....*he uncovers his face and looks at kanaya*if u say so....anyways,u guys should probably hide?i mean where as i can hide my half human-ness,and every1 else here being human,minus sonic and the others,but they r good at hiding.u guys r bright colored or just an odd color in genreal...,and have horns,ur goin 2 give urselves away,and if these people r anythin like my world....then u guys r in trouble....
Kanaya: It Is Rather Simple To Hide. *she snaps her fingers and they all turn human*
Rick:  y do u shout everythin? And thats good that u guys can appear human 4 the time being,hopefully it lasts till u snap ur fingers again,or at least hopefully,it’ll last awhile....*he looks at his watch*in any case,zero has been gone at least 5 or so mins,i hope she’s ok,and nothing bad happened 2 her or get caught by a sayin....
Sollux: Waiit... ZERO Ii2 here two!?
Aradia: 0h dear.... this w0n’t end well...
Kanaya: We Will Be Fine, No Need To Worry.
Rick: *he facepalms*oh yes,cuz neko’s learn diff speech patterns 2 trolls....theres never been a troll in the nekoworld,4 they don’t know how 2 teleport,and i doubt in human schools on earth would even know speech patterns 4 trolls,considering humans think trolls r fake. U srsly r an idiot troll...
*he uncovers his face and looks at sollux and aradia* how do u guys know zero?and y did u say it wouldn’t end well?
an rp i do with 2 friends,chapter 37
srry i haven't posted in awhile guys,i haven't hung out with the people i do this rp with in awhile,and i'm still currently editing the other rps that i have on here as well,so


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United States
if u read my interests u pretty much know all there is 2 know about me;but feel free 2 ask me any questions ^_^
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