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i doubt any1 will read this,but i just wanted 2 let my followers/watchers 2 know i uploaded new/more chapters(Srry they r super late,btw).and i uploaded a pic of a girl i made on another app thingy.
a random girl i made on an app by Nadeeta
a random girl i made on an app
The app is called avatar maker.Idk if its on Apple products,I downloaded it on my moms android(it's on the Google play store)

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*in ricks room*
Uncle:who's that? *he asks hearing ricks phone go off, he walks into rick's room behind him and shuts the door, locking it from the inside*
Rick:*rick backs up and trembles*idk....*takes his cell out and shuts it off and says*it was just a reminder 2 myself.....
Uncle:*moves to tie Rick to his bed then leaves the room. Comes back in 5 mins later with a roll of tape. *locks the door again, then searches through rick's draws, pulling out a sock. He sticks the sock into ricks moth then takes the tape and wrap it around his mouth so he can't spit it out.*
Uncle"This room needs some light *he mumbles to himself then moves to open the blinds and pop open the window all the way*
Rick:*rick trembles and struggles in the ropes*MMMMM
Rick:*turns neko and whimpers*mmmmm
Uncle:Hmm, I never could control my self that much when your like this *leans in to ricks neck and bites down hard but not enough to draw blood*
Uncle:Your nothing but a pathetic fag. *he says moving away and tearing ricks shirt off*  
Rick:rick trembles as his shirt is off,rick struggles*MMMMMM *his ears twitch and his tail sways*
Rick:*he sniffles*
Uncle"*grabs the tail, trails it over his face towards his mouth, then bites down on it*
*meanwhile at kigen's, he just finished putting Yuki and mat to bed after they fell asleep watching tv, then decides to head out to see Rick, he heads out the door making sure it's locked before turning into an owl and taking off towards ricks house*
Rick:*Rick trembles*MMMMMMM*he tries pulling his tail away*mmmm
Uncle:*lets go of the tail, then focuses his attention of Rick chest, squeezing his nipple with one hand while biting down on the other, using his other hand to keep Rick from moving. Too preoccupied with what he's doing, he fails to notice the glowing red eyes that are looking into the window.
Rick:*rick pants through the sock and tape*mmm....
Rick:*rick notices an owl,not sure if its kigen or not,he tries 2 get his uncles attention by lightly tapping him with his foot and trying 2 gesture 2 the window with his tied hands*
Uncle:not payin attention to what Rick is doing he continues to trail his head down Ricky's body getting closer to his goal*
kigen: *seeing Rick about to be raped, kigen turns into a black bat ad heads into the room landing on the floor  then turns into a a rat and waits at the foot of ricks bed , taking extra care to stay out of sight*
Rick:*rick trembles*mmmmm...
Rick:*closes his legs 2gether trying 2 make sure his uncle can't take his pants off*mmm..
Uncle: don't even try it boy, unless you want more pain *he snarls. He then forcible spreads ricks legs, leaning over trailing his tongue from ricks stomach down to his crotch.*
Kigen:*kigen watches horrified that the one he loves is about to be raped by some man, he quickly turns back to normal, motioning to Rick to stay quiet, waiting for just the right moment to strike*
Rick:*rick looks at kigen shaking his head as if 2 tell him not 2 hurt his uncle*
Rick:*rick trembles as his tongue is goin down his body*mmmm
*meanwhile ricks aunt is knocking at the door*babe,i saw u come up here with rick,r u 2 almost done talkin?me and the kids r ready 2 head home now
Uncle:*raising up his head, he calls out* be done in a few minutes honey, go wait downstairs. *hearing his wife heading back downstairs after saying "okay"*
Uncle*he leans back over Rick only to end up caught in a sleeper hold*
Kigen:*kigen realizes his chance is now, nodding his head at as if saying you'll be alright*
Kigen:*he waits until the man is about to go back to Rick before catching him in a sleeper hold, holding on tightly so he can't break free*
Kigen:*Only letting go when he feels the man go limp. He then drops him and moves over to untie Rick from the bed then undoes the tape around his mouth* are you alright? * he asks fear lacing his voice*
Rick:*runs into the bathroom and gets a rag with water,runs 2 his uncle and puts it on his 4head and slaps his cheeks tryin 2 wake him up*
Rick:great,this is just fucking great....i told u 2 stop,he wouldn't have done anymore then wat u saw,his wife was waiting 4 him,he would've stopped......
Rick:now i have 2 think of somethin.....when they ask how he's like this... kigen....just go.....
Kigen:try a smelling salt, works faster. *he said, calming down*
Kigen:look I'm sorry about that, but I'm not going to just sit by and let that happen to someone i care about.i'll leave right after he does, i dont trust him being in the same room as you *he turns into a black cat and hides under ricks bed*
Rick:i don't have any smelling salts,u baka(idiot)*sighs*
RickLgreat....he's not waking up....and kigen,leave,now
Rick:hiding under my bed isn't wat i said 2 do
Kigen:*comes out from under the bed and changes back to normal* At least let me help wake him up, a little electic shock always works to wake someone up from that, and don't ask how I know that, this would t be the first time I've had to wake someone up from that. *reaches over and presses down on his chest send a little spark through the body* there he should be awake in 5 minutes. *he turns toward the window climbing out* good bye Rick * he calls over his shoulder, a tear sliding down his cheek. He then jumps onto the tree, wings growing out mid jump, then takes off into the air* what have I done? * he asks himself, tears flowing freely now*
Rick:*stands up and starts pacing his room tryin 2 think of ways 2 wake him up*oh god......they're goin 2 think i did this 2 him.....i'm so dead....*says 2 himself and punches his wall and cries*thanx a lot kigen.......
Rick:*slides down onto the floor,turns his phone back on and txts him*thanx a lot,thanx 2 ur lil stunt,i'm probably goin 2 b grounded 4 life now,and who knows wat else,maybe rape or a beating,cuz they're goin 2 think wat u did,i did....ur horrible kigen,i'm shutting off my phone,so don't bother txting back *turns his phone back off,once he sends it and covers his face in his hands and cries more*
Uncle:*5 mins later, his uncle wakes back up, looking around trying to place where he is, he sees Rick crying in the corner and snorts* pathetic, not even worth the effort *he thinks* he walks out the door and head downstairs, calling for his wife and kids that he'll be in the car*
The mister and the shifter chapter 13
this is the last upload 4 now.i'll post more maybe next week.
*rick gulps,and and follows his family family into the kitchen,he eats in silence*
*mattie smiles*thats great
*meanwhile,back at ricks*
Uncle: this is actually pretty good, thought Mark was lying to us.
*at kigen's*
Kigen:Lets go play some video games.
Rick:glad...u like it uncle...
*mattie nods*alrite,lets go *heads upstairs*
Uncle: what do you think guys, good food?
*everyone one else but mark nods their head and goes back to eating*
Mark: well you look happy for once, anything you want to tell me *he whispers to Rick since they are sitting next to each other*
Rick:*gulps and shakes his head*
Rick:*he continues eating*
You'll tell me when you know you can trust me, I get it.
*goes back to his meal, the rest of the meal quite except for the sounds of utensils hitting plates.*
*at kigen's*
Kigen:And that's for this morning *kigen says giving the final shot to mattie;killing the two in halo*
Kigen:*looks over at the clock by his bed* it's that guys can keep playing though, I'll go get some food for us.*he heads downstairs*
Oh almost forgot * pulls our cell And texts Rick* "leave your window open"
Rick:*rick txts back*y?
Rick:*after dinner rick says*any1 wants dessert?
Mattie:*he nods*ok bro
Kigen:*replies* it's a surprise
*back at ricks place,everyone nods*
Rick: ok*he txts back*
Rick:*he says 2 every1 else*wat would u like 2?
Every1:whatever there is.
Rick:*nods and gives every1 some ice cream and some of them who didn't want ice cream he gave them cupcakes*
*Rick got a cupcake 4 himself and sat down*
Every1:*everyone finishes off their dessert then heads to the living room to watch tv*
Rick:*rick follows and sits down on the floor,not wanting 2 sit by the family,and fearing wat they may do 2 him*
Mark:*mark is talking with their cousins while his dad is talking with his aunt and uncle*
Rick:*rick focuses on the tv*
Mark:*mark looks over at his brother and see for the first time, that he seems genuinely happy since the accident* wonder how i can earn his trust *he asks himself*
Rick:*rick gets up and says*i'm goin 2 bed,nite uncle,aunt,every1,hope 2 see u soon *he goes upstairs and looks at his uncle who follows him*
*he turns around*hai.....?
Uncle:keep walking brat and keep your mouth shut
Rick:ha...i....*turns around and keeps walking into his room and gulps*
*over at kigen's*
Kigen:alright guys he'd to bed, tomorrow's school.
Kigen: oh forgot one important thing *he pulls out his cell and sends a text to rick* the eyes always the same as mine, that doesn't change
The mister and the shifter chapter 12
srry its taking so long 2 upload the chapters guys.
anyways,enjoy ^^.
Kigen:just try it, its better than you think
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie: ok..
Kigen:*he takes his own* so what do your think?
Kigen:i made it so its more sweet than salty just for you.and to satisfy my craving *he mumbles to himself*
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*they chuckle and eat the ice cream*
Kigen:you like it rick?
Rick:rick shrugs*its ok *continues eating*its a bit strange,i never had this b4
Kigen:eh you get used to it, what about you 2?
Yuki,and Mattie:its ok,nii-chan
Kigen:good, cause i plan to make a lot more often*he finishes his ice-cream and goes to sit on the couch*
Kigen:wanna watch a movie?
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*they nod*sure
Kigen:rick you can pick.movies are on the stand next to the tv
Ricki'm good,u can pick
Kigen: i insist, you are the guest
Rick:but i want u 2 pick
Kigen:*digs though stack of movies* got it, well when you guys finish you can go sit in the living room, i'll make some popcorn
Yuki,and Mattie: ok nii-chan
Kigen:*he goes back into the kitchen,finds the popcorn, tosses it in the microwave*you guys done, popcorn's almost finished
Yuki,and Mattie:*they nod*we been done,nii-chan
Kigen:k, I'm coming *heads back into living room and plops down on the couch next to rick*
Kigen:here you go, now lets get it started *turns on dvd player then shuts the lights while the previews play though*
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*The 3 of them,sit on the couch*
Kigen:i think you love it *he whispers to rick*
Rick: I love wat?
Kigen:the movie of course, i think you'll like it
Rick:*after the movie was over,rick goes upstairs into the guest room*
Rick:*he takes off his shoes,then goes into bed*
Kigen:*takes the two to their rooms and sets them on the bed, giving  Yuki a kiss on the forehead and ruffling mat's hair. Then heads to own room and goes to bed only in his boxers*
Rick:the next morning rolls around and rick wakes up*
Rick:*he goes downstairs and rubs his eyes*
Kigen:*kigen wakes up soon after, slips on a t-shirt and head downstairs, yawning*
Rick:*turns around*Ohayou(good morning)
Kigen: Ohayou *he said while yawning*
Kigen:You can go brush your teeth in the bathroom upstairs, it's across the hall from my room while I make breakfast.wat do u want 4 breakfast?
Pancakes or waffles?
Rick:but i don't have my toothbrush.and how about waffles
Kigen:Waffles it is, there's a spare in the the cabinet above the sink, you can use that
Rick: ok *Goes back upstairs and into the bathroom*
Kigen:*gets out the stuff to make waffles, deciding to make plain, chocolate chips and blueberry*
Kigen:Wonder which he'll take? *he asks himself*
Rick:rick goes downstairs and chuckles*actually i should brush after i eat,not b4
Kign:Whatever you say,there's  chocolate chips, blueberry and plain. Take which ever you want
Rick:*Smiles*sounds good.U got any syrup?
Rick:also do can i have some juice plz?
Rick:*gets 1 bluberry and 1 chocolate chip and sits down at the table with his plate and fork*
Kigen:*pulls out syrup and 4 glasses then goes to fridge and takes out orange juice.* Here you are, you eat and I'll go wake the other two.
Kigen:*heads upstairs to wake mat and yuki*
Kigen*he returns back downstairs,with yuki and matti*
Everybody:*they all start 2 eat*
Kigen:Ah I love waffles *kigen says through a mouthful of them*
Yuki,and Mattie:*they laugh*ur gross,nii-chan
Kigen:*swallows then sticks tounge out at them* Well I'm finished, I'll be getting ready
Kigen:*sets plate in the sink then heads upstairs*
Everybody:*they all nod*ok,kigen
Kigen:*finishes morning routine an getting dressed and was downstairs*
Bathrooms free
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*after 10 mins,the 3 of them finish brushing their teeth*
kigen:So we have a few hours before I have to take Rick home, what do you guys wanna do?
Yuki:u pick,nii-chan
Kigen:How bout you guys go play in the tree house in the back yard.
Yuki: ok,nii-chan
Kigen:Well get going, I'll join you in a few minutes *he says winking at Yuki and mat*
Yuki,and Mattie:*they nod and go outside and into the treehouse*
Kigen:*two minutes later kigen is climbing up the tree as a squirrel
Rick:*rick is following him*
Yuki,and Mattie:*they laugh*
Rick:*crawls into tree house and changes back*
Kigen:Ask him why he's following me. *changes back to squirrel* and scurries back out on  branch*
Rick:rick goes into the treehouse and says*where's kigen?
Yuki:nii-chan,he was following u into the tree house,baka(idiot).and nii-chan change back into a person would u
Rick:*Rick looks confused*change back?
Kigen:*clibs back in through the window and changes back*
Kigen:You had to ruin my fun, I was gonna freak him out a little. *says to Yuki and mat*
Kigen:Hey Rick, what's your favorite animal?
Yuki:but he looked upset that u weren't here can u do that?
Kigen: Don't  know, just always have been able to since I turned 16, so what's your favorite animal one one that you would like for a pet?
Rick:wow....and um.....*shrugs*surprise me
Kigen:We might want to get out of here for that, dot want to bring the tree house down
Rick:but u said somethin 2 pet.....wat could b big and pettable but also bring down the treehouse...?
Kigen: Well what I have in mind is something you can pet but I don't think the tree house will be able to hold the combined wait
Rick:*nods and follows the others out of the tree house*
Kigen:*jumps down ad turns into a tiger mid fall and lands on feet*
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:*all 3 tremble and say*baka,turn back
Rick,Yuki,and Mattie:U want people 2 see a tiger in r backyard and think its an escaped tiger from the zoo?ur goin 2 freak people out.turn into a normal animal
Kigen:*turns back to normal with a chuckle then turns into a cat and jumps onto ricks shoulder, rubbing his head into his cheek*
Rick:*rick chuckles*wat r u doin?
Kigen:*hops down from his shoulder and goes back to normal, with a faint blush* sorry bout that, it happens with animals I've never changed into before, their mindset takes over for a bit. Any other questions
Yuki,and Mattie:*They fake cough*liar,wanted 2 touch him
Rick:*Rick looks confused*huh?and not really,no questions
Rick:but wat should we do?
Kigen:Hush you 2 *he says with blush rising* its nothing, just them being silly. I don't know about you guys but I am going for a a climb. Care to join me Rick
Rick:a climb?
Kigen:Up the tree. It's got a great view when your all the way at the top.
Rick: ok...
Kigen: that makes me glad that you had fun. *looks down at Rick* what's that in your hair?
Rick:wats wat?*feels around on his head*
Kigen:Tree branch, I got it.*reaches over and removes branch, letting hand longer in his hair for a second* so soft *he thinks*
Kigen:Lets get you down from here. *picks up rick and flies him 2 his house*
Rick:*once they got there,rick hurried inside,and headed into the kitchen*
Kigen:*waving at Rick as he passes the kitchen window, then turns into a raven and flys back home*
Rick:*Rick chuckles and finishes and plates the table*
Rick:*after an hr theres a knock on the door and rick lets his family in*
Rick:*rick looks confused when he sees his uncle,aunt and his cousins arrive at the house*
*his aunt says*we decided 2 visit,since u couldn't visit us
*the uncle nods*that and we hear u cook pretty good food
Yuki:*meanwhile back at kigen's place,yuki notices the paper in his hand and smirks*
*his family chuckle once rick shuts the door*
*Rick gulps and leads them 2 the kitchen*
Mattie:awwwww,did he finally give u his number?*raises his hand*hi5,bro.maybe now u can tell him ur true feelings,man
Kigen:Yea he gave it to me without me having to ask for it. * high5's mat*
Kigen:We'll see about that last one when I know he likes me 2
The mister and the shifter chapter 11
enjoy guys ^^.
This will b the last upload/chapter 4 now.i'll try and post some more in the near future.not how near and not 4 sure when,but i'll try and upload more asap.
also this is longer than the other chapters cuz i wanted 2 post as much of the rp/story as possible,since idk when i can post again. again,i hope u all enjoy :)


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